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  • Electrohypem workpackage structure
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  • WP1 - Coordination - Management
  • This WP is led by CNR-ITAE; it includes effective coordination, organization of technical meetings, web-site, reporting
  • WP2 - Performance, Durability specifications and Protocols
  • Led by CNR-ITAE, it is structured into four tasks. The objective of this WP is to define characterisation and test protocols including accelerated ageing tests for membranes, catalysts, MEAs, stack and system.
  • WP3 - Innovative Membranes
  • This WP is led by Solvay. It is dedicated to the development of innovative membrane (high temperature and low temperature) for different PEM electrolyser applications, with focus on short-side chain PFSA, hydrocarbon membranes and novel membrane forming approaches.
  • WP4 - Enhanced Catalysts
  • This WP is led by CNR-ITAE and it is focused on the development of highly performing cost-effective electrocatalysts as well as recombination catalysts.
  • WP5 - Membrane-electrode Assemblies
  • This WP is led by ITM. Its focus is on the development of MEAs, evaluation of their performance and durability over a range of temperatures and pressures, and assessment of the low noble metal loading approach.
  • WP6 - Stack and System
  • This WP is led by TRE. It includes selection of non-active components for the stacks, and stack assembly and testing. PEM electrolyser materials will be assessed under practical conditions in a wide temperature and high pressure range as well as in the presence of duty cycles simulating intermittent renewable power sources.
  • WP7 - Dissemination, Outreach, Exploitation
  • Led by CNRS, includes project dissemination through a dedicated website, presentations at conferences and meetings, as well as exploitation and use of the project results. Dissemination activities will be mainly addressed by research organisations, exploitation opportunities identified by industrial partners.
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